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Communication of new product of new technology of material of wear-resisting of
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Fall October, beautiful peaceful country climate happy person. On October 22, communication of new product of new technology of Inc. of material of phoenix form wear-resisting can be in the Anhui province peaceful country municipal government east center of 3 floors conference is held ceremoniously. Members of standing committee of municipal Party committee of city of announce of the Communist Party of China, peaceful country Huang Dongsheng of secretary of municipal Party committee, the Anhui province Chen Zongming of president of Inc. of material of phoenix form wear-resisting, general manager Chen Xiao attends the meeting and speak. Come from domestic and international manufacturer of user of material of wear-resisting of phoenix form ” represents 200 Yu Ming “ , agency delegate, and " People's Daily " , " Chinese building materials signs up for " , " net of cement market conditions " waited for relevant media to attend the meeting.

Communicate meeting site

Chen Xiao of general manager of Inc. of material of phoenix form wear-resisting causes greeting decline on behalf of this company, to the everybody that attend a meeting guest expressed to welcome ardently. On the meeting, president Chen Zongming published “ own innovation improves quality, hand in hand phoenix form starts pair of talks that win ” in all. According to introducing, at present this company phoenix look 2 new products already obtained one date, phoenix form national invention is patent, already passed appraisal of achievement of science and technology of the Anhui province.

Subsequently, lafaji the user masterpiece such as company of mineral separation of limited company of cement limited company, cement of Guangxi fish peak, Zimbabwe relevant use report.

President Chen Zongming

After the meeting, in personnel of relevant technology of phoenix form corporation accompany below, the product line of mechanization casting ball that delegate attending the meeting saw this company be in world banner level and fold arenaceous product line, product line of VRH cast steel and push rod type quench continuously, product line of temper heat treatment.

See phoenix form company

As we have learned, inc. of material of phoenix form wear-resisting has the Anhui province history of 40 old development, regard production as metallurgy, the ball of of all kinds casting that the industry place such as building materials, chemical industry needs, casting paragraph, the professional manufacturer of the wear-resisting material product such as scaleboard, also be the Asia's at present biggest wear-resisting material major produces base. In last few years, the company increases innovation of science and technology ceaselessly, devote oneself to what the technology equips to change, proper motion development went to have the product line of mechanization casting ball of own intellectual property, substantially improved product quality.
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