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1.6 million tons of product line grows lake Beijing Lan Sanyuan cement open go i
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On October 24, hubei Beijing Lan Ji is round 3 sources cement 2 period produce per year product line of 1.6 million tons of new-style cement to grow open economy developing zone in Hubei successful go into operation. The travelling merchant that comes from countrywide each district, county that visit town is led and spot of 1000 more than person shared local masses grand occasion of this one development. It is reported, this is speak or sing alternately assists Hubei to visit 3 gorge warehouse area and carry on develop one of cooperative projects that region industry transfers.

Hubei saves building materials to invest Wang Huaping of stimulative center director, grow Li Yalong of vice secretary of open municipal Party committee, hu Jiafa of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor, tan Chunyu of vice director of standing committee of city National People's Congress, xiong Congyin of vice-chairman of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, zhejiang saves Fan Huaiqian of vice director of standing committee of National People's Congress of orchid brook city,

According to introducing, 2 period project total investment amounts to 380 million yuan, use collect science and technology, energy-saving, environmental protection, efficient, benefit to abandon the new-style rotary kiln working a way that is an organic whole to manufacture technology. After project building put into production, enterprise year productivity will achieve 2.2 million tons, can achieve year of sales revenue 500 million yuan of above, taxation is controlled 50 million yuan, find a place for directly obtain employment 500 people above. In the meantime, pull use electric power, carry, the rapid development of mining and tertiary industy.

Origin: 3 gorge daily

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