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Tang Shan holds the post of staff of family name company: Academic union carries
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Recently, reporter of network of cement market conditions holds the post of a family name to pack equipment limited company to learn from Tang Shan, this company is annual for a time technical competition ended satisfactorily on September 30, 2008. Compare with calendar year photograph, operate a problem the theory of the match, actually this to press intermediate industry standard to give a title entirely.

This company publicizes Introduction Su Zhonghuai to, company leader takes technical competition seriously highly, established tournament organizing committee technically, the organizing committee gives problem personnel to join the real case of the company, the examination questions that is aimed at academic, real operation made many survey work, do one's best gives a problem to join real case, via discussing examination questions for many times, knock the examination questions that decided the manufacturing application exam and company to be united in wedlock finally.

As we have learned, this company is founded 1989, apply have a technology oneself, the product spreads all over countrywide each district, sell as far as to Europe, inferior, blame. Ji Dong of Heibei of group of our country famous cement, lhasa of hill of day of An Wei conch, Xinjiang, Tibet, Jilin inferior peaceful is this firm old partner. The company has a staff member many 110, above of half the number stabilizes the job in the company. Intermediate above brainpower occupies 20 % above. Year production is secured and rotate type cement packer and equipment of its form a complete set 300 (set) , sales revenue 30 million yuan of above. The duty that achieve profit 3 million yuan, and year after year breaks up time. Name patent of China of ” of ” of “ outstanding private enterprise, enterprise of science and technology of “ civilian battalion, “ by various government for years continuously metric job of ” of Heibei star company, “ is advanced class of ” of unit of pay taxes of model of unit ” , “ , “AAA uses client ” . Already obtained “ attestation of double soft ” and ISO9001 attestation.

According to introducing, company staff takes part in the match to upsurge enthusiasticly, make actively prepare before contest, the study wind that raised one field general theory and practice photograph couple up and down in the company. Through the exam everybody realizes the value of technical theory, discovered oneself insufficient part. A lot of employee express, contest hind will continue to use off hours to study technical theory seriously. Use acquired technical theory production actual in, improve oneself quality ceaselessly, make oneself contribution for product of many high grade brand assuming a family name.

Occupy Su Zhonghuai additionally to express, divide outside holding year technology contest, the company is returned will nonsked hold technical chair, study is sent outside, much azimuth undertakes complete member groom the job. Will rise complete an integral quality project in bringing into program.
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