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Guangxi 18MW of Fu Suihai snail beyond heat up generation set and the net genera
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On October 22 21:58, guangxi 18MW of company of Fu Suihai snail is pure beyond heat up generation set and the net generates electricity.

This project stars building formally from December 2007 since construction, through company project electric, machine repairs technical personnel and the joint efforts that install staff to fall, race against time, drive plan, overcome the effect of the adverse element such as monsoon, flood, use the opportunity that kiln system overhauls, realized more than heat to generate electricity ahead of schedule the butt joint with kiln system, through the construction of 10 many months, came true eventually and the target that the net generates electricity.

In Fu Suihai snail is being built and developing a process, take seriously highly all the time energy-saving reduce platoon and environmental protection job, carry out executive country seriously energy-saving fall the policy policy of bad news, expand circular economy energetically, rely on the capital of group company and technical advantage, investment builds more than heat to generate electricity project, use new-style rotary kiln working a way the waste gas beyond of kiln head and kiln end is hot, reduce waste gas, steam to discharge, achieve the goal of energy-saving, environmental protection.

The more than hot generation set that investment runs year electricenergy production is close 130 million kilowatt hour, cost of annual and managing production many yuan 4000, managing standard coal many tons 40 thousand, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge nearly 120 thousand tons, achieved benefit of good economic benefits, society and zoology beneficial result. Its move to also indicate snail advances a Fu Suihai energy-saving fall bad news, expand circular economy, make resource the company of contemporary and large cement with managing, friendly environment entered a new level, the job of energy-saving environmental protection of Fu Suihai snail enhanced a new arrangement.

Look from the condition that at present investment runs, end on October 23 midday 12:00, electricenergy production already achieved many degrees 40 thousand, and moving case is good.

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