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6MW of Shandong Dong Huashui mud more than heat generates electricity the projec
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On October 25, project of station of more than pyroelectricity passes 6MW of company of Shandong Dong Huashui sludge smoothly national hair changes appoint special check examine.

National hair changes appoint this check examine basically is to be aimed at came 2006 in the center of 2008 the item that 10 accessorial kinds of big energy-saving projects involve, the key is project project content, plan, capital reachs the designated position and investment is finished and the energy-saving circumstance that amount to mark. Check examine group is reported through listening, check data, spot to examine, after to power station project the respect such as construction, operation has detailed examination, to this company 6MW more than hot item offerred sufficient affirmation, think more than pyroelectricity of company of Shandong Dong Huashui sludge stands to be built in those days consistently in those days put into production, after the net generates electricity, move smooth, can full load generates electricity, locomotive rate is achieved 100% , year but the managing defray that use phone 13 million yuan, with compare with dimensions firepower power station year but managing mark coal forteen thousand two hundred tons, got very good economic benefits and social benefit, passed this check examine smoothly.

Origin: Company of Shandong Dong Huashui sludge

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