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Shandong jungly group 8 ten million yuan make chain of industry of cement " loop
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This year in June, a day produces group of forest of Shandong dragon mouth the put into production of complete of product line of new-style rotary kiln of 4000 tons of cement. On October 21, "Century of Yantai environmental protection went 2008 " interview a group to come to this new product line, see to it station of more than pyroelectricity is in the pure low temperature of form a complete set insecurity is debugged, lunar base is about to move formally. Current, jungly group had built pyroelectricity of two microtherm beyond to stand. More than heat has the pure low temperature that uses whirly kiln generation generate electricity, big political integrity restricted manufacturing cost.

Yang Yucheng of jungly group vice president says: "More than heat generates electricity we invests 1 100 million, what fuel need not add this equipment, net income of on these two lines one day can achieve 100 thousand yuan, if take coal to generate electricity, annual and usable coal 24000 tons, reduced carbon dioxide discharge capacity now 60 thousand 6 kiloton. Reduced carbon dioxide discharge capacity now 60 thousand 6 kiloton..

Decreasing while contaminant is discharged, station of more than pyroelectricity still can give two pure low temperature the worker bring welfare, at the same time the enterprise also realized managing charge of electricity 25% to 30% .

Yang Jun of jungly cement vise general manager says by force: "Temperature of appearance of this rotary kiln is in 300 degrees about, use outside temperature ourselves to develop heat to reclaim so technology, heat cold water, bathe for the worker, winter heating. Bathe for the worker, winter heating..

Traditional cement industry is one tall use up, the resource sex industry of tall pollution, to realize cement industry structural adjustment, dragon mouth city decides to be in " 915 " during in installment, close group by group stop cement establishing kiln to produce a business, expand business of large modern cement. Jungly group day produces 2500 tons of rotary kiln product line with 4000 tons of cement to was mixed in August 2005 respectively in June 2008 complete put into production, take the lead in realizing cement to produce transition in whole town. In the meantime, at the outset its always invest 195 million yuan " build up " product line of 6 cement establishing kiln also closes entirely stop. 3 years short, "Transition " always invest near 1 billion yuan.

Yangyu of jungly group vice president becomes: "Forest produces per year cement now 6 million tons, can say to be in environmental protection, energy-saving the variation that reduced a platoon to produce world-shaking.

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