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Cement of arrowroot continent dam: Be benefited south water north moves a projec
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Day of door of chaste tree of arrowroot continent dam produces grog of 4800 tons of cement to work law product line the good news of formal put into production just gave heat, "Water north is moved south " be activationed again, it is infuse of arrowroot continent dam progressive motive force.

As we have learned, arrowroot continent dam has project of irrigation works water and electricity to always contract fancy aptitude, since occupying our country to found a state above of 1/4 of installed capacity of water and electricity, be next to water and electricity of Chinese irrigation works to build a group, it is 3 gorge project of key water control project is main builder. Income of arrowroot continent dam makes an appointment with the 24 % that build a group for water and electricity of Chinese irrigation works, asset dimensions is equivalent to his 52 % , income scale is adjacent in material international.

Arrowroot continent dam is current business with the project construction, cement, civil blow up, freeway, waterpower, estate give priority to 6 times. 2008 first half of the year engineering construction income 7 billion yuan, hold gross earnings 86 % .

Waterpower respect, guo Taijun installs analyst Han Jicheng to tell a reporter, arrowroot continent dam plans by at present two hundred and four thousand five hundred kilowatt promotes 2010 1 million kilowatt. Investment of Ge Zhou dam built the river austral Hubei to transfer bay power station (twenty-five thousand five hundred kilowatt) , power station of diving of fish of river of Chongqing big brook (48 thousand kilowatt) , hydroelectric station of level ground of temple of the river austral Hubei (60 thousand kilowatt) , Hunan Zhang Jia bound Mu Long beach hydroelectric station, yun Longhe is applied in the favour that build (40 thousand kilowatt) , Yu Quan (16 thousand kilowatt) hydroelectric station will generate electricity at building go into operation 2008.

At present company water and electricity installs aircraft total capacity to amount to two hundred and four thousand five hundred kilowatt.

Han Jicheng predicts, be filled with rate computation according to the city of 17 times, arrowroot continent dam is short-term inside the space that still has 20 % left and right sides.

Origin: Oriental morning paper

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