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Product of Shanghai modulus appearance passes CE attestation
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A few days ago, reporter of network of cement market conditions learns from limited company of Shanghai modulus instrument, the multinomial product of this enterprise passed Shanghai henry plain equipment detects the CE attestation of technical limited company.

According to Introduction Chen Gong of ministry of technology of Shanghai modulus appearance, this company basically pursues the development of automation appearance and manufacturing representative and sale, fault rate of its appearance product is low, service life is long, reliability is high. Be used extensively by the cement company such as domestic Hua Xinshui mud not only, still sell as far as to Pakistan happy (LUCKY) the foreign cement plant such as cement plant, Iran, Bengal, there is very high market to have in the building materials industry such as cement rate.

Chen Gong discloses, the product that carries CE attestation amounts to this company 7 kinds, it is respectively: AD181 intelligence temperature changes send implement (segregation, PC but configuration) , AD182 intelligence temperature changes send implement (segregation, HART communication) , number of power supply of loop of intelligence of AD3003 explosion proof shows appearance, LPM, number of power supply of 30 intelligence loop shows appearance, LDM, 20 model reach LDM, 30 model signal of converter of segregation of signal of monitor of intelligent loop power supply, AD1562 electric current, AD6033 electric current keeps apart converter (distribution.

As we have learned, "CE " the mark is mark of a kind of safe attestation, manufacturer be regardinged as is opened and enter the passport of European market. CE is united on behalf of Europe (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE) . CE mark adds the commodity that stick to state its accord with a series of Europe such as safe, wholesome, environmental protection and consumer protection to dictate place wants expressive requirement. Always stick have " CE " the product of the mark can be in each member country sells the European Union, need not accord with the requirement of every member country, realized commodity to be in thereby country of European Union member the freedom inside limits is current.

Origin: Net of cement market conditions

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