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Heart Yang Lisen: Shake hind restores the miracle that cement produces 2 weeks
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The extensive with a can fast after strong shock company is resurgent produce, everybody can can't help admire answers ability quickly her. To the Deyang that is in an earthquake to weigh disaster area, immediate pecuniary loss to be as high as 120 million yuan for benefit dark cement, realizing this one feat is commendable more. She accomplished the 2 inside Zhou Zhi go back to work after shake, carried out the job that finishs impossibly almost. Heart Yang Lisen was accomplished, be worth everybody to set upright a thumb for her.

On May 12, 2008, chinese Sichuan encounters 8 class especially big earthquake, be located in an earthquake to weigh disaster area (Luo Shuizhen of assorted Fang city) De Yangli dark cement limited company (De Yangli of the following abbreviation dark) power supply system is damaged immediately, beforehand leveling library ruptures discard as useless, produce sink backwater condition, the company gets unprecedented stern test.

When seismic happening, product line of new-style cement working a way is in benefit dark 3200t/d locomotive condition, whole system instant cuts off the power in the round, factory interior does not have mothball power source. The company after shake leads a member to reach the designated position quickly entirely, below the condition that acknowledges to there is personal casualty inside the factory, organize immediately resume production. Through reconnaissance, the immediate pecuniary loss that the earthquake causes is as high as 120 million yuan: Whole office building becomes a dangerous house, beforehand leveling library ruptures discard as useless, construction of attaint of power source of 3 the occurrence crackle that degree all differs on clinker library wall, UPS, a few earth is applied suffer achieve, still certain electric panel room is broken bad.

Graph 1: Heart Yang Lisen ruptures in the earthquake discard as useless beforehand leveling library

Before disaster, be test when an enterprise is faced with predicament to solve problem ability, the operation that heart Yang Lisen resumes to produce spreads out in the round immediately. Memory of automation department manager Mr Wang Bangmo says heart Yang Lisen: “ appears as a result of office building crack, we must outdoors has the job, operation and supervisory system were moved outdoor operate temporarily room. Xi Menzi undertook to us in this respect aid and technology support, for a short while phone and we are contacted. Send spot of project technology personnel to solder fiber-optic, inspect facility, remove engineer station and operator station, some employee pleasant becomes a volunteer, the hope can give portion power to resume production. Because DCS system is basic in good condition, can keep normal move, so ability is able to come true to resume production quickly. The mechanical component in attaint is progressively repair later, at that time to benefit dark for, it is whole that electric power is supplied the biggest difficult problem of go back to work yield a line, because electrified wire netting needs longer repair time. To break through this one predicament, a week before our earthquake has examination and trial run to kiln system through generating electricity by oneself, outside power system got 2 Zhou Zhi hind restore partly, after the need of can contented production resumed factory production quickly, achieve 70% original produce can. ” benefit dark freeboard efficiency and pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, make they carried out the job that finishs almost impossibly in course of study of person of the same trade, resumed output quickly, created a miracle. Will begin on May 24, heart Yang Lisen is formal go back to work, be apart from seismic happening at this moment only 13 days, its produce the rate that can restore and rate, be worth everybody to set upright a thumb for her.
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