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Cement crop will be added in September fast drop in temperature when get warm ag
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On October 23, the reporter learns from Chinese cement association, output of 1-9 month cement grows 6.9% only compared to the same period, because downstream demand is abate,this basically is and partial cement company " be restricted to produce support value " bring about growth to put delay.

The analyst points out, suffer demand to glide continuously influence, future is whole cement industry is not hopeful. But also the analyst points out, although short-term inside cement industry is not hopeful, but look for a long time from which, series " maintain growth " macroscopical policy and building " help city " policy will be pulled afresh change cement requirement.

According to statistic, crop of cement of 1-9 month whole nation is one billion and twelve million one hundred and sixty-four thousand four hundred tons, grow 6.9% compared to the same period, under 1-8 month 7.35% add fast. Among them, countrywide cement crop will be one hundred and twenty-four million two hundred and twenty-eight thousand five hundred tons that month in September, relatively on the month increases four million three hundred and seventy thousand two hundred tons, annulus comparing grows 3.65% .

"Crop is added fast drop to basically suffer the effect with downstream abate demand further, at the same time of a few areas ' be restricted to produce support value ' measure also rose to aid postpone action. " the analyst expresses.

What need points out is, will come in September the gold that always will be cement industry December is seasonal, but will look from actual this year condition, busy season not flourishing already was become finality, this more increased the pessimism inside course of study.

"Cement price often is met from September bottom or begin to rise at the beginning of October. But we visit the near future many 10 cement manufacturer and cement association discovery, cement price did not rise in this quarter, be in Hua Dong area especially the cement price of certain province goes now to drop even. " one says for the personage inside course of study. This personage thinks, whole cement industry is in low confuse condition, the likelihood wants to just be met to next year second half of the year get warm again after a cold spell.

"Come round to look from eye, of cement demand glide to had affected outstanding achievement of a few companies. " senior analyst Luo Guo says trade of building materials of building of Oriental negotiable securities.

His analysis points out, it is with conch cement exemple, interest rate of wool of sale of the 3rd quarter is the company 24.46% , compared to the same period annulus comparing is to drop considerably (the 3rd quarter was 2007 30.84% , the 2nd quarter was 30.49% 2008) , the cement sale that indicates a company already got the market is affected stagnantly.
In the meantime, luo Guo analysis points out, at present because domestic cement demand suffers fixed assets to invest especially the influence that estate investment glides, cement crop glides quickly the phenomenon is not hopeful.
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