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Price of cement of the Shandong at the beginning of October tends stable
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As we have learned, shandong cement price is in countrywide price all the time inferior position, but this year Shandong cement value changes however first half of the year low confuse impetus, appear substantially the price climbs litre of phenomenon, go up reached two digit, the price rises be located in countrywide cement front row. In addition, company of Shandong large cement also gives local cement price to open ascendant channel like the enterprise conformity such as landscape group.

A few days ago, reporter of network of cement market conditions understands from Shandong landscape group, at present producer price of this enterprise cement is before the course paragraph of time after rising, enter since October, cement price already tended smooth.

Introduce according to landscape group controller, this year Shandong cement price appears bigger go up since, the biggest go up already was as high as 50% to control. Begin to develop large company actively to be opposite in the light of group of landscape of this market condition the palm of cement market value controls function, in enter since October, because Shandong cement market is specific of area different and the price somewhat difference, but basic already stability is in market price case 320 control to 380 yuan. Sale status of landscape group cement is at present more favorable also, product market demands exceeds supply. This controller still discloses, a few days ago, landscape group stock already appeared on the market successfully in Hong Kong, appear on the market this to recombine what participate domestic cement industry better for its greatly, big conformity, advance quickly " consolidate Shandong, march northeast " the strategy provides driving power.

In addition, rise considerably as a result of coal price in the light of Shandong, cause electric power cost to increase, the circumstance of insecurity of supply and demand, this year is force of 10 years of incoming telegrams of Shandong supplies a situation one year the most nervous. This controller say, situation of shortage of electricity of near future Shandong gets alleviating certainly, with respect to landscape group, at present the supply of electric power can catch up with completely the production of the enterprise.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, shandong province cement rises in price the mainest reason is coal price rise. Estate depression had become the fact that does not dispute this year, before of cement price relatively climb substantially rising basically is cost drive and be not is the growth as a result of demand. At present estate market trades the quantity is atrophic, decrease to the demand of cement. Suffer cost to rise with force of double weigh of slow down in demand, cement crop is added fast will put delay apparently, price ascendant nature " go no further " .

Origin: Net of cement market conditions
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