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Cement of Heibei Zhuo Lu Yongxing will enter cement flourishing to sell season i
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In October beginning, the climate dominant position that fits engineering go into operation begins to highlight, enlarged cement demand in great quantities, cause market of each district cement very popular. A few days ago, the reporter understands from limited company of cement of Heibei Zhuo Lu Yongxing, this company already entered cement to sell busy season.

According to Heibei Zhuo Lu Yongxing cement neat gentleman introduces, supply and demand of Beijing cement market pauses during the Olympic Games, ever brought certain influence to this company sale. Nowadays, since in the distance the Olympic Games ends two months, this company cement sells the market gradually get warm again after a cold spell. Current, cement of Zhuo Lu Yongxing already entered flourishing to sell season, the product demands exceeds supply. Neat gentleman still discloses, this company ability changed project 4000T/D recently product line of new-style cement working a way already start working construction. To satisfy the market huge demand, the company already began to organize production actively to drive time limit for a project, work energetically fall October.

In the cement price field that enters flourishing to sell season, neat gentleman respecting, price of this company cement is relatively smooth, p.o42.5 ton cement price float is in 350~400 yuan between.

As we have learned, cement of Zhuo Lu Yongxing is located in district of Heibei Zhuo deer to have its special situation, be located in the intermediate region of Beijing and city of Zhang Jia mouth. Two city are apart from apart all not quite, be apart from 100 kilometers of piece of city of members of a family to be apart from Beijing only 140 kilometers, because this has distance weak point, freight is low, the advantage with swift deliver goods. Do not belong to urban outskirts especially, and cement production is limitted strictly because of environmental protection problem in two city suburbs, developed cement production to offer a lot of and convenience condition with respect to area of deer giving Zhuo so, but occupational Shanxi, inside the market of unconscious, Heibei, Beijing, Tianjin and area of northwest and other places. From resource deer seeing Zhuo has rich limestone resource, auxiliary data is complete, labour force price is low, all have relative advantage in cement market competition.

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