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Wide yuan of cement is in short supply bring agency to contend for grab cement
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A few days ago, reporter from cement of wide Yuan Jinqi industrial limited company learns, because rebuild after calamity,play the requirement that changed pair of cement, wide yuan area cement demands exceeds supply.

As we have learned, in 5.12 earthquakes, wide yuan of area effect getting shock is very serious. Rebuild to help calamity hind, wide a lot of cement companies of yuan of area sell place directly with lowest price farmer rebuilds home. Cement of wide Yuan Jinqi is industrial limited company is among them one of. Mr Wu discloses chief related cement of the banner that occupy gold, 5.12 later, the 32.5R concrete that this company produces is all with producer price 430 yuan / ton sale. Supply as a result of cement finite, everyday cement sale can satisfy farmer to rebuild first, and cannot offer dealer of water supply mud, accordingly, draw cement agency to cement contend for grab. Mr Wu still expresses, agency often is in to buy cement of cement gold standard to sell surround watertightly, mutual even between grab cement to contend for and happen ' fight ' incident.

In addition, mr Wu still says, demand of the cement after calamity expands, layer of this company leader is cast of purpose at present build new line, attach most importance to check to show strength.

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